Posted by: miteb | July 19, 2008


I think this is the cheapest (most frugal!) converstion possible! Here’s a list of what I’ve spent… I’ve tried to remember everything, even the screws.

Miteb costs
Item Cost
1996 Dodge B2500 van $850
1/4″ Luan plywood $0
Porta-Potti $15 (Craigslist)
1/2″ Plywood $18
3/4″ plywood $17
2×4’s cut up into 1.25×1.25 studs $0 (craigslist)
3″ Foam for seats $35
Fabric for seats $27
Generator $160 (with shipping!)
Dorm fridge $67
Garden sprayer $19
Faucet $14
Floor tiles $0 (left over from house project)
Screws $10
DTV box $20
Carpet $0 (new commercial grade! Wife’s friend)
Plumbing $20 (Guestimate for fittings and tubing)
Coleman stove $35 (w/ propane)
George Foreman grille $16 (WalMart)
Microwave $15 (Craigslist)
2 slice toaster $7 (WalMart)
Rear Dome light $6 (Over table)
Bathroom Accessories $6 (tp holder & towel ring)
Table cover $5 (This is temporary, just to cover the plywood top for now)
Total $1322

That’s all I remember right now.. if I think Of more I’ll amend this.
I didn’t include repair costs, so far I’ve done front pads & rotors and muffler & tailpipe.


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