Posted by: miteb | July 21, 2008


For lack of a better name..this is the pantry area. I raced the rain today to make it a wall panel that matches the bathroom door construction, and just made it!
I got lucky and got some tongue & groove oak boards (about 35 liner feet) for free at a job site I was on. I ripped it on the tablesaw to get rid of the tongue, and make it the same width as the frame of the aforementioned door, then I made the panels out of some of the remaining luan plywood, screwed it all together, put it up and added the upper shelf. Viola! A pantry!.
It sits back from the wall of the bathroom about 4 inches, but that is very hard to see in most of the pictures, so I took two more, one with the broom in that corner, and one straight down the pantry wall.
Speaking of that wall…. that’s where the picture frame I bought that holds 5 pictures is going…..all five of my grandkids will be with me everytime I’m in the van!

I just noticed that the one picture that shows that the wall is only 3/4 of an inch thick also makes it look like it’s made of rough cut lumber and has jagged edges…not so, it’s very straight and true.



  1. Your project is coming along nicely! Well done!


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