Posted by: miteb | August 25, 2008

Wife’s first trip

We left yesterday for my wife’s first trip in MiteB, a visit to my Mom up in Maine. Round trip mileage was 574, which included a jog down to Grafton, MA for dinner with my daughter and son-in-law. By the time we got back into Mass. we were already running quite late for dinner, and we were both kind of wishing I hadn’t made the dinner date with them for the same day as our drive home, but we did go and had a great time with them and our 7 month old granddaughter.

The van ran wonderfully for the trip…no problems whatsoever, and averaged 14.74 mpg. That may not sound so great, but when you consider that this van replaces a Dodge Dakota that never got better than 15mpg for me I think it’s fantastic. The Dakota always felt too small to me, this thing I can eat, sleep, and do all the other normal living things in AND tow my boat comfortably also.

Anyway, the wife had a good time, which is very important to the grand scheme of things, which is for her and I to spend more time together now that we are (finally!) empty-nesters. We’ve been married 23.5 years, and I honestly don’t think there’s been a 6 month period when we didn’t have someone living with us! It’s important to me that this is our chance to do stuff together. We used to love camping, but as I got more involved with tournament bass fishing there was no time for it. Now I’ve been reminded how important family is to me and am cutting way back on the fishing stuff.  She had a good enough time this weekend to suggest that we try to find someplace to goand camp next weekend…which I’m al for!

It’s a good thing that MiteB is a work in progress,and not what I would consider “done”, as between us we discovered a few things that need improvement. For example, the foam for the bed isn’t dense enough, making the bed very hard. Also, that porta=potti is so low it’s hard for her to stand back up so she needs a grab handle of some type on the wall.  I don’t like the pressurized water system, it doesn’t hold pressure long enough.  I think I’m going to buy a 12 volt water pump from Graingers and put it on a switch. I want to change the way the TV gets its power too,so that the key doesn’t need to be in the ACC position to watch TV.

Anyway folks, that’s the update for today


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