Posted by: miteb | September 4, 2008


The entire 10,000 miles I’ve had this van there has been a very loud rattling noise on bumps, and washboard areas were painfully annoying. Everyone who has ridden in the van has agreed it was horrible, but couldn’t pinpoint the source. Some said, “definitely rear”, a very few suggested it might be in the front, but,myself included, MOST thought the aluminum running boards were the culprit. I was so convinced of this I started to think about simply removing them. Then, just a couple of days ago I noticed that even very light pressure on the brake pedal would silence the noise! So, today I got a caliper hardware kit from a parts store we use and  replaced the hold-downs on the right front caliper. Eureka! No more noise! The kit cost? $7. Who knew??



  1. We had a similar problem. Our van wouldn’t start and sometimes had trouble starting. All along I thought it was the starter or the solenoid but it was just the battery terminals which only cost us $7 for the wire cutters. But we had already replaced the solenoid.


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