Posted by: miteb | April 4, 2009

Back on the road

After a few months off the road (this van is HORRIBLE in the snow), Miteb is once again traveling the roads and streets of Massachusetts. I had thought about not putting her back into use, but I have a lot of work and not much money into it, and, well,  I’ve missed the old girl too, so it’s back.

Only thing is, I put a new waterpump and thermostat in it last December and it now has very poor heat. MUCH worse than before the new t-stat. I can’t figure it out. Good thing it’s not a winter vehicle.

I’m going to have to put a new windshield in this month. The current one has a crack about 18 inches long, just at eye level, and on the driver’s side…it won’t pass inspection.  I also need to repair or replace the front crossmember in the frame. That won’t be cheap or quick, but I’ll still have way less money in the van than a decent used vehicle would cost.

Thought I’d post some pictures of the bathroom. I’m now writing some articles for the web and had to shoot some pictures of an RV bathroom last night so I have them. Ready? They’re in no particular order.

From the open side door

From the open side door

Looking forward with the door closed

Looking forward with the door closed

Complete with reading material!

Complete with reading material!

The touch light on the floor is just sitting there. Didn’t notice it until I uploaded this picture.

I still need to add interior wall paneling, but haven’t found the right stuff yet. That’s just one of the future things I’ll do to the interior. There’s still carpet work to do and wood trim yet to finish. I still haven’t installed an electric pump for the water supply yet, though I did manage to find a freshwater tank of about 5 gallon capacity (for free!) that will fit under one of the storage box/bed/seats in the rear.

I’m looking forward to actually getting to use Miteb for some camping this summer. I have given up tournament fishing which should give me much more free time. Although there is a new veggie garden coming to the backyard…


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